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Banner, Email, VAS

Strategic Business Solution for Affiliate Marketers

SmartStalk is a next generation solutions for affiliate marketers. Using SmartStalk - The best affiliate marketing software system for your business you can kick start and manage your affiliate network easily. Real-time campaign management , traffic diversion, real-time monitoring and reporting, conversion tracking, profit analysis, activity alerts, LMS, testing features, raw log access, Multi-Entity, Multi-Currency, Smart Targeting, Smart Linking  etc. are few of the features you can't find elsewhere in one system.

Budgeted Solution

One stop budgeted solution for all your needs. Advertiser / Publisher, Desktop / Mobile, Banner / Video / Email Campaign, Traffic Diversion, LMS, Testing Features and more..

Smart Targeting

SmartStalk provide you targeting filters to set your campaign based on Geo-location, ISP, Carrier, Device Platform, OS, Browser, GPS, Wi-Fi, which will effectively increase Click Rate.

Reatime Statistics

SmartStalk provide you realtime performance statistics and reporting of your campaigns. Raw logs and realtime data access using API also available.

Multi Entity

SmartStalk allows you to setup and manage multiple organisations in your service. It will help to reduce the costing as you don’t need to take the multiple plans for multiple organisation.

Maximize your ad revenue with hosted platform

SmartStalk (Saas) platform gives you the complete infrastructure and management solutions you need to grow your ad revenue.

Fast Ad serving

Our globally distributed ad-serving networks result in the fastest ad calls from anywhere in the world, ensuring your ads load instantly, every time.

Full Scalable Platform

From a few thousands to billions of impressions, our fast and scalable platform can handle all your traffic.

99.999% uptime

SmartStalk is hosted on a global cloud for scale, speed and reliability.

API Access

Take advantage of SmartStalk API into your custom client portals and interfaces.


Get started with SmartStalk

Start your business and start getting revenues in less than 24 hours. Our dedicated account manager will help you to quickly setup your personalised SmartStalk platform according to your business needs.

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