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About us

Smartstalk is a Performance marketing platform for Advertisers, agencies and Network to manage, track, analyze and optimized their online advertising campaign in real time. It’s cloud-hosted tracking platform that provides data analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools to make advertising easier and more profitable.

Behind Us

COSO IT was founded in the year 2008 with the basic organisational goal of providing excellent products and services in Big Data and Analytics. With an innate desire to bring a difference in the approach towards understanding the working of Big Data, COSO IT makes serious efforts in collaborating with certified, well trained and experienced professionals.The core team of Big Data professionals also include dedicated scientists who are adept in making use of statistics, mathematics and CS in a bid to deal with every Big Data issue through creative analysis.With its wide outreach, COSO IT is passionate about providing its exclusive services to its customers located globally. In order to grab the best of technological innovations utilised in Asia and Europe, COSO IT has been well branched to provide our best cloud and Big Data services in these locations.Moreover, with our office footprints in more than five countries located in most of the continents, we prove our intention to be a global pioneer in the future.Bringing a 360 degree transformation in the way businesses handle data through Big Data technology, is the major mission of COSO IT.

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