Performance Marketing Platform
AI/ML Technology

Campaign Management, Smart Diversion, Real-time Monitoring and Portfolio Analysis

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What We Do

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Campaign Management 261 x 203
Campaign Management

Mapping between advertiser to publisher campaigns, Smart diversion, Geo's targeting, Location targeting, S2S testing, Smart Dashboard

Email Marketing 261 x 203_01
Email Marketing

Providing Email servers to run your own campaigns

Security 261 x 203

SSL secured. User Authentication. Security Key for individual Advertiser

Data Analysis 261 x 203
Data Analysis

Providing data analysis / ready to use reports on user selected parameters.

Alert Management 261 x 203
Alert Management

Providing deviation/KPI's alert services through email or SMS

Web API_AI_ML 261 x 203

Providing API's to integrate with other application for further use of data. these API will provide aggregated data by implementing AI or ML

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Grow Your Business
With Our Strategy

Smart Diversion. Supply more and more traffic to converting campaign.
Geographical expansion. Expanding to a new geographical area.
Target Audience. Penetrate the targeted audience on Gender, Age group, Income Group and Location
Measurable analytics for quality decision.
Cost Effective. Small and medium businesses don't have a big amount to spend on marketing.